Before month and half I wrote about NAV 'Sicily' ( and now I have to finish this story, because Microsoft published officially news about that at WPC 2013 this week. In this moment, I don’t know is it good or bad news. Why I say this? I say this because ‘Sicily’ will not be a new NAV version – NAV ‘8’, as we sow in last Microsoft roadmap. Officially news is that the Microsoft Dynamics NAV release codenamed Sicily will become Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 and general availability is planned for the fourth quarter of 2013.

As someone who has to carry out about new version localization, I was afraid because Microsoft promise that every year new versions will appear. Such roadmap would be too hard for all Microsoft partners (especially for localization partners). This sequence of events is more expected; first year – basic version and second year – R2. This is better solution and I am grateful to Microsoft about that.

As the MSDynamicsWorld blog says, the new release will introduce an update client interface that better matches Windows 8 styling. It will feature an updated look and feel that can build in more charts and reports with streamlined drilldown.  The new release also promises more hosting platform support and better compatibility with Office 365.

Now I am no longer afraid and I am looking forward to new release of Dynamics NAV 2013.