NAV2013R2 – Small Business Role Center (1)

NAV2013R2 – Small Business Role Center (1)

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One of news in NAV2013R2 is Small Business Role Center. This role center enable us to use NAV on very simplified way. To target users in smaller businesses, a number of pages in NAV have been simplified, and selected features are redesigned to align with simpler business processes, but the base of this is still standard NAV. The simplified features are not available from standard pages. The main page contains all necessary features and it’s easy to get around through this NAV role.

As I said, the main target of this functionality are small companies with simply business processes. Microsoft want to provide possibility of buying not-expensive ERP solution for small companies. With this simple features, we can implement NAV with this role an only few days. Users will use only necessary functionality, but all data will be still in NAV. That means, when their business grow up, they can pay the difference for complex implementation and continue to use standard NAV without any reimplementation and inconsistency.

For examples, Item Unit of Measures and complete Item card are pretty simplified. When you open Item card, you can see only base data about Item with Item, Price and Sales Prices/Discounts tabs. But when you want to make setup of this item, you need to run Setup button and you will get two new tabs: Cost and Financial Details, where you can configure posting groups etc. For each item, you can choose purpose, is this Inventory or Service item or are you want system prevent negative inventory. You can save and reuse an item card as a template, so that you can quickly register new products.

Other functionality are simplified at the same way. I will presented them in next posts.

  • Great article.

    One tip: if you open the Small Business Role Center in the Web Client you will get a introduction video - Welcome to NAV autoplayed and on the RoleCenter you will be able to see a link to another video for Setting up your system.

    These videos are not visible on the Windows client since players that are used by video hosting services (Showcase, YouTube...) do not work well with WebBrowser control that Windows client is using for JavaScript add-ins.