When you run this command from ribbon Setup->Purchase & Payables Setup, you will open page that is different than NAV standard Purchase & Payables Setup page. If we look a little deeper, we will see that it is a completely new page – Mini Purch. & Payables Setup (1349).

As on Sales & Receivables Setup, many configuration possibilities does not exist. The reasons for this are mainly because we have not Purchase Quote, Purchase Order and Blanket Purchase Order functionalities. We have only Purchase Invoice and we cannot choose many functionality in purchase and purchase correction process. These functionalities lack is the similar as on Sales & Receivables Setup. We also have not background posting setup and we have number series setup for only five reasons (one for vendors and four for documents) in purchase process.

On ribbon we have fewer possibilities than on Sales & Receivables Setup. We have only possibility to configure two parameters:

  • Vendor Posting Groups to setup the posting groups to select from when you set up vendor cards to link business transactions made for the vendor with the appropriate account in the general ledger;
  • Incoming Documents Setup for setting up the journal template that will be used to create general journal lines from electronic external documents, such as invoices from your vendors on email.

But just because of that, as I said for sales setup, this SB role implementation is so easy and you can do it in only few days.