When you run this command from ribbon Setup->Inventory Setup, you will open page that is pretty different than NAV standard Inventory Setup page. If we look a little deeper, we will see that it is a completely new page – Mini Inventory Setup (1351).

We cannot find many fields for configuration, and this setup is as it’s named – ‘Mini’. You can find only four fields for setting up. You can choose next options:

  • Are you want to use Automatic Cost Posting or not
  • What period you want for calculating Automatic Cost Adjustment or not want this automatic procedure
  • You can choose to Prevent Negative Inventory as default value or not, and
  • You can add Number of Series for Item Number.

This is all and nothing else. You cannot choose some well-known parameters, as Average Cost Calc. Type or Average Cost Period. You have not handling times, default dimensions, many WMS documents and so on. The reasons for this are mainly because we have only simple business model.

On the other hand, all you need to configure this simple model in inventory process for SB role are here. What additional we have on this page? We can find few setup commands on page ribbon. There are all functionality, you need to configure, divided by sections:


You can setup Inventory periods in combinations with your accounting periods that define when you can post transactions that affect the value of your item inventory.

You can also setup the all Units of Measure what you can use in your implementation.

If we need to setup Item Discount Group codes that you can use as criteria when you define special discounts on a customer, vendor, or item card, you can do this as well. But, I’m not sure, why we have this configuration here; I expected this command on Sales Setup, not on Inventory Setup, but…


These are very expected configuration commands on ribbon.

You can find Inventory Posting Groups here to setup the posting groups that you assign to item cards to link business transactions made for the item with an inventory account in the general ledger to group amounts for that item type.

You can also find Inventory Posting Setup here to setup links between Inventory Posting Groups, inventory locations, and general ledger accounts to define where transactions for inventory items are recorded in the general ledger.

Journal Templates

As we need in our implementation, you can find setup of Item Journal Templates here. You can setup number series and reason codes in the journals that you use for inventory adjustment.