Human Resources in NAV… hmmm. I’m not sure does it really exist. For years, I expect we will get something better in HR module, but nothing. This is only small evidence in standard NAV and I cannot see how we can make difference in SB role. Standard NAV Human Resource look like as it made for this role. When you run this command from ribbon Setup->Human Resource Setup, you will open page that is exactly as NAV standard Human Resource Setup page. If we look a little deeper, we will see that it is the same page – Human Resources Setup (5233).

You can look at this page and you can see that eve the ribbon is the same as on standard role. On ribbon, you can find all commands from standard Setup in Human Resources:

If you use Small Business Role Center, this HR will be enough for your business. But if you want to implement full Dynamics NAV with HRM, you need to buy solution from other partners or you can make your own.