All you can find on Home menu, I mostly explain in my first posts about Small Business Role Center. Now, I will peep in other menu parts. First of all, I will estimate Bookkeeping menu part. When you run Bookkeeping menu, I guess you expect to find all you need for accounting process. I think you will not be disappointed. All except VAT, Payment and some analysis is here. VAT, Payment and Analysis has own menu parts.

Besides Sales Invoice, Posted Sales Invoice, Sales Credit Memo, Posted Sales Credit Memo, Purchase Invoice, Posted Purchase Invoice, Purchase Credit Memo and Posted Purchase Credit Memo, all other pages are the NAV standard pages. These pages are ‘mini’ and I described them in my first posts. All other pages you can see are the Chart of Accounts, G/L Budgets, Fixed Assets, Employees, General Journals, Payment Journals, Reminders, Issued Reminders, Finance Charge Memos and Issued Finance Charge Memos. When you compare these pages with these pages in other roles, you can see only small differences on Home Ribbon. I noticed, there are not Excel import on ribbon, but you can add it using Customize Ribbon. When you add it, you can try in you will see that everything work as you expect. You can see that some functionality on these pages is missing, but these are functionalities I mentioned when I explain setups.

As I said, with this menu part, you can work as accountant in small company and you will get all you need for this work. You cannot expect some advanced functionalities, but in small company you don’t need them. The most important thing is that you can implement this role in short time period, and in the same time, your customer can get all he need.