How Non-NAV Users can use NAV in the daily work

How Non-NAV Users can use NAV in the daily work

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Maybe you are non-NAV employee in your company, but you need some information about your business. Sometimes, there are employee who need very small part of information and company doesn’t want to train these employees in NAV. Sometimes, some employees cannot learn to work in NAV (believe or not, I have this experience).

Now, there is exist a solution. Of course, I expect you are an Excel user. If you are not, then you must find some other job L.

You can open some information list in NAV, or ask your colleague who know NAV to do that. When you find needed information, you only need to run ‘Sent to Microsoft Excel’ command.

You will get opened Excel with information copied from NAV. You can save this Excel and open it when you need new information.

Each time when you open this Excel, only you need is to run command ‘Refresh’ from Dynamics NAV tab and you will get the newest information. You will get information about last refresh (date & time) in second Excel line.

You can use this for simply lists, but this is useful. You can use e.g. Item list with Inventory Quantity and Costs, Customers or Vendors lists with Receivable/Payable information… You can rename this Excel files as you want.

Only you need is Dynamics NAV Add-In for Microsoft Excel (it is a free) and you have to be opened as user in NAV with minimum read permissions on information you want to see. Of course, your company must to use Microsoft Dynamics NAV2013 or NAV2013R2. When I said you need correct permissions, you need it only for update information from NAV to Excel. However, when data is in Excel, you cannot enforce permissions, and you must take precautions when storing and distributing any exported data, because information in the Excel workbook are as plain text and is therefore available to anyone who can open the workbook.

Now you can track very important information about your company, although you don’t know NAV. If you are satisfy with this information, maybe you will become full NAV user. Sometimes, only we need is motive.

  • One of the biggest advantage of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is it's simplicity. Microsoft Office users can able to use it effortlessly and we can integrate it with other microsoft products.

  • This is usefull also for excel users that use informations from NAV databases in another excel reports as well!