So there I was sitting, stuck on a process running on RTC, throwing errors that typically did not occur on Classic. No RTC specific debugger (yet). But ... never to young to learn!

Unless C# is like cipher to you, it's not to difficult to get things working and go for it using these links:


  • As you are using the Visual Studio debugger you will need to have VS installed
  • Depending on where the code resides you are debugging either the RTC (code on pages) or the Service Tier (code on other CSIDE objects)
  • In case RTC and Service Tier are on different machines you have to debug on that specific machine
  • Before you start debugging you will need to identify the right C# code file and attach it to your process
  • Be sure to attach the C# file to the right process; if you are debugging either the RTC or the Service Tier you should attach to either Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.exe or Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Service.exe. Read here what happens if you take the wrong one.

  • To effectuate changes to your C/AL code so that they will show up in the VS debugger you have to restart the Service Tier; there is no other way to refresh the C# files


Some interesting forum posts to read: