Increase item quantity on PO after partially received

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In MD NAV 2009 SP1, how can I increase the quantity on a line with lot tracked inventory item that has already been received and invoice and the PO status is Released?  The PO was for multiple deliveries of several items and we have been posting partial receipts and partial invoice.  At the last delivery the vendor shipped more than the original PO quantity for one of the items and I want to receive and invoice those extra quantities in the same PO.

NAV tells me I cannot receive more than the PO item quantity and that I cannot change the item quantity because the PO status is Released.

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  • Hi J_Tucker,

    Thank you for posting on the Community Forum site. From my testing and review, you should be able to use the Function > Reopen to reopen the Purchase Order for changes.  However, the current requirement will be to add an additional line for the Item for the additional quantity when Lot Tracking is involved. The Item Tracking assignment seems to prevent the change in quantity once a partially posted Warehouse Receipt has been processed as received.


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    Thomas Blaisdell | Microsoft Dynamics NAV Communities