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Hi Sir,

I want to look for some examples to explain "return order process" on sales and purchase. Any video or manual?


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  • What do you want to know? How to put in a return order credit?

  • I want to know whole "return" process on sales and return order to vendor then get to realize it in NAV? Any kind of scenario on return order management?

  • I'm not clear on exactly what you are looking for?  

    Training? MS offers training see here:

    basic info:

  • Thanks! I saw your link and they're just introduction. Do you have demonstration? For instance, I want to return the defective items to the original vendor and receive replacements. I create purchase return order, then, in the first line, I type item/qty and "Appl.-to Item Entry" to revese exact cost; in the second line, I type the same item with negative qty. In both two lines, I need type the same unit cost as originally purchased? Or I needn't type unit cost because of using "Appl.-to Item Entry" ??

  • First step would be hit F1 - on search tab type "purchase return order"

    You should find a topic called "Creating a Purchase Return Order"

    You'll see instructions with steps along with related topics such as:

    -Assigning Exact Cost Reversing

    -Creating a Purchase Allowance

    -Creating a Replacement Purchase Order

    -Posting a Purchase Return Order

    -Creating a Corrective Purchase Invoice

    It's eaiser for you to review & print this out then type it all out in a forum.

    If after you review the HELP and you still have questions then respond back.

  • I try it according to online help...but it makes me confusion...For instance, PO received in location01(Normal), then defetive item moved to location99(Defetive) I want to return defetive item to vendor from location99. So, firstly  I created return purchase order through " Get Posted Document Lines to Reverseā€¦" because it would assign "Appl.-to Item Entry" to revese exact,when I changed location01 to location99, "Appl.-to Item Entry" will to do? Thanks!

  • perhaps this helps:  print it while it's available

  • Was that PDF helpful to you?

  • Hello,

    This document was helpful, however there were no instructions on how to create a sale credit for the sales order return.  Some time a customer want the money back for a damaged item not a replacement.

  • What we do when a customer wants their money back instead of a credit is to make the credit.

    Then do an inv type sales journal entry to wipe out the balance.  Use a gl account like "sales returns" which you should have or whatever account the credit hits.  Then we enter them as a vendor and create a vendor journal entry for the amount and use the same gl account. Then cut the check.