balance in g/l not take correct result

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Hi guys i have one question if i need the steps of change cost to specified item from first to last if possible . i make this step as following if false please correct to me 1- go to revaluation journal select entry then change cost to what i need then post 2-adjust cost to this item from adjust cost-item entries 3-i see balance as before in g/l are this enough to change his balance in chart of account and how i see effect

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  • Hi

    You best be to see what changes are made by the revaluation and adjust cost are to go to the item card, drill down on the balance so that you are looking at the open ledger entries

    Select one of the entries and click, Related, Value entries

    This will display a list of all the cost and quantity changes to the item ledger entries and you will see where their has been a cost adjustment, clicking Navigate will take you to the actual GL entries affected



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