finished good item unit cost not total to all unit cost of componenets

finished good item unit cost not total to all unit cost of componenets

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Hi guys i have proplem in unit of cost and if you can help me if possible

 1-unit of cost to specified item x(fg) not total to unit prices to all components ex i have it x finished good component y 20 unit cost average z 30 unit cost average it give me 70 to x standered cost method

 2- what expected cost field found in item ledger entry and are this affect in cost and when it will be 0

3-unit cost some times different from item card to finished good items and release production order (production line table) costing method to standard 4-applied adjust cost bolean field in item ledger entry it is not checked are this will affect in consumption


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  • Hi

    So it sounds like you are using average cost for components and standard cost for finished goods

    When you use standard cost you need to use the standard cost worksheet to have the system calculate the rolled up cost of your finished items, if you go into the standard cost worksheet and hit F1 there is pretty good help

    The second part s that you need to be running the adjust cost item entries batch job, average cost will not be accurate until this process runs, you would normally set it to auto run or run it manually in the evenings,

    This will update the average costs to include any adjustments or additional postings (As well as a lot of other things)

    So process is to:

    Run the adjust cost item entries

    Run the standard cost worksheet to roll up the costs

    This will give you accurate numbers, also remember that the FG item cost is made up not only of the consumed items but also overhead costs are applied



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