NAV 2013 Installation, Web Services on DMZ server

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Hello All,

I Have been asked to intall a test setup for NAV 2013 Web-services. The Plan is to install the Web Server components to a DMZ server. Can the web services be installed on a Workgroup Server? The Nav Server and SQL would be on domain joined server. Clients would access web services from the internet with https.

Links to information of this kind of setup would be much appriciated!

Yours, Jouni

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  • Hi

    You can use basic authentication instead of windows authentication using a Nav user defined directly on Nav server (emulate basic authentication on Nav)

    Or use iis with standard basic authentication (workgroup ,not nav user) and make a proxy that runs web services  indirectly using defined nav user

    Is possible to crypt connection with https and dedicate certificate


    Roberto Stefanetti