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I feel hopeless, helpless, and desperate.


I write this because our senior accountant wanted to vent today. He is very troubled, and extremely concerned. That fellow made it very clear that this was his project and his responsibility. He never imaged that a Gold Partner was to us to the brink of disaster. Let me be general as I have no intent to fault and blame our Gold Partner. I am certain they have given it there best; however, that they are unable to fix those many difficulties are work flow is simply crippled. The workers are condemning the senior accountant and daily the pressures mounts. I am concerned for his health, for the company, and our Navision 2013 implementation.

I don't know what to do.  Forgive this post is if it inappropriate. I write this message out of desperation. We were comfortable with Nav 2.01B since 1999. However with end of life on server and OSystems we elected to replace everything. New workstations, new servers, everything in preparation for implementing Navision 2013. 

We are a small company and had to take out loans in order to implement Navision. We had a budget constraint and were willing to move forward. A fresh start, a new start. We were excited and optimistic.  We interviewed several Gold and Silver Partners. And their quotes are came within the expected range. We made a decision with a particular Gold Partner - and started process that would eventually take us to Go Live - and a complete makeover, a transformation. This transformation started in January 2013. Go Live took place end of Oct 2013. And within days after Go Live the situation became evident we were experiences extreme difficulties.

The Commission Report that had to be brought over from Nav 2 had bugs. We keep getting emails saying try this, it should work. And that proves false. Another serious concern is that the forms do not print out correctly. The budget now has almost tripled -way beyond what was delivered a high estimate. It's as though to use a metaphor we landed at the local airport - and gave an address across town - the tax driver got lost - we ended up a few states away - and the destination is far away. We are being charged for this mistake -and for the food along way.

The Gold Partner upper management fired a few of their senior programming engineers over this debacle.  And we are far from having a good fix. I must state here as I write out quickly that the Gold Partner works remotely coming through RDS into Nav-Server to do the work. Our accountant said today in his confessional that at this stage in the angst the Gold Partner should be someone in our shop - and work directly on the problem. Anyway it's all remote sessions that the work is done. Lot's of emails...

At this moment months after Go Live the Gold Partner isn't able to fix all these lingering issues. As the Accountant said "Just unbelievable, just mind numbing...."

Without a doubt the Gold Partner never expected these unfortunate developments. However for us the pressure in our shop is overwhelming. All the workers are complaining. The invoices, the reports are printing with formatting issues. And again and again the Gold Partner struggles to make corrections - and those modification always come out just ever so slightly off. And yes, unbelievable!  that almost every document they print is with formatting issues. And that is just one issue!  The Gold Partner simply cannot fix those formatting issues. 

I write out this skimpy note because we simply do not know what to do. We cannot fire that Gold Partner. We cannot bring in third party to assist (though that would be ideal as we would have an independent expert in house making a sincere evaluation) -again that would be an additional cost.  Because we are so deep into this failing project - we can only say long ago we passed the point of no return. And that is why I write feeling hopeless, helpless. Alas, alas, if only there was a solution. If only there was a way through this messy, tangled bungled mess. And all this anxiousness by trusting and depending on our Gold Partner. We are completely dependent on our Gold Partner. They should have had the experience, the expertise.

Where can one go for Help? isn't Microsoft responsible for their product? We were promised following Go Live we would be fully functional.

That is not so. We are almost crippled. And thus the urgency. I feel utterly and completely helpless. Myself and my friend, the Accountant feel completely stuck. I do know what to do.

Thanks for your attentions. I would hope to hear from you.



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  • Hi Check,

    I am sorry to hear of the problems you have having in your move from v2 to 2013. It sounds to me like you have been let down somewhere alone the line by your current reseller. NAV is a very good product and 2013 is a massive step forward from v2.

    I'm not sure where you are in the world (I am in the UK), but the reseller I work for always offers a "fixed price for a fixed scope" so in effect if we say we are going to deliver something we deliver it...

    You can complain directly to MS - You should be able to find the contact details on you Customer Source account. If you do not have a login your reseller must provide you with one.

    If we can be of help please replay accordingly. We specialise in picking up other people's customer and sorting them out and have never lost a customer yet!



  • Hello Chuck -- We are sorry that you are experiencing issues.  We are looking into this for you and will follow up with a response as soon as possible.


    Microsoft Dynamics Community Administrator

  • Hello Chuck,


    I am sorry to hear the issues you are facing with NAV 2013


    As a Navision Consultant I would recommend you to depute a dedicated resource for Navision entries (preferably a finance user) and do a complete trial run on a Sandbox environment with all permutation / combination transactions you have; Navigate up to G/l entry level and take ratification from your accountant for every transaction.

    Assuming your partner should have setup a test Company for UAT you can carry out these testing on the UAT Company or you can take a backup of your live database --> change the live company name to Test and restore the back-up --> carry on the trial run on the Test Company. (Note NO Users should access Navision during backup and restore operation).

    The dedicated user can access the test Company and do a full cycle testing and this activity should not take more that 10-15 days for any complex processes.


    Make a list of issues the user encounters with screenshot and bifurcate the issues on priority.


    Negotiate with your partner on the Issue log with strict timelines and regular review meetings and follow ups.


    Lastly; should you go for a new partner, please bear in mind to do complete full cycle testing before Go-live and I have done several Navision Implementations and I can very well vouch for NAV 2013 on functionality and customizations.


    All The best..!





    Anjan Prakash

  • Hey Chuck,

    My name is Kurt and i work in the NAV Team - i want to have a dialog with you on this.

    Can you pls mail me your coordinates to

    Thank you


  • Hello Chuck,

    sorry to hear this state of affairs from you. Aside from hoping that you will get competent help, I would suggest an unusual possible "way out": You can run the NAV2.01B business logic on NAV2009R2. There are also companies who do this on SQL Server.

    Why that? It is for the (not completely improbable) case that your printing/formatting problems persist. The jump from V2 to 2013 is huge, it is a complete change in the user interface. The printing subsystem is completely different, and also the design of working reports is unfortunately non-trivial.

    On the other side, it is possible to migrate the newer postings back to 2.01... not easy, not entirely straight-forward, but maybe a way to survive.

    @Microsoft, Kurt: This should be one of the examples on how upgrades should not end up. It underlines the frequent "fitness for business use" critcism you hear about the RTC and reporting. That's why I don't recommend an update to any RTC version for NAV users who are extensive users of the classic client.

    with best regards