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Hi all,

On NAV 2009 planning worksheets,  some item lines have "Attention" warning icons saying "start date is earlier than workdate".

If we accept action message and create Prod Order/Purchase Order for these lines, and then rerun Calculate Regenerative Plan, it will generate two lines for the same item, of which one is "Cancel", the other is "New", and the most frustrating is order tracking of the existing Prod Order/Purchase Order became invalid.

Is it standard in NAV? Why? Anyway to fix it so that order tracking keeps working even if "start date is earlier than workdate"?

Thank you very much.

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    I tried it on NAV 2009 R2, and it seems to work correctly.

    if it does not work, send me a numerical example and the setup item that you are using (tracking policy, reordering policy "lot-for-lot", order etc.)

    I need to replicate the case.

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    Roberto Stefanetti

  • Hi Roberto,

    Here is the setup of Item:

     Manufacturing Policy: Make-to-Stock

     Reordering Policy: Lot-for-Lot

     Include Inventory: on

     Reserve: Optional

     Order Tracking Policy: None

    For example, Item A is requested by a sales order that has shipment date 11/25/13. After "Calculate Regenerative Plan", planning worksheets says Attention: The Starting Date 11/15/13 is before the work date 11/22/13.  We accept action message and released Prod Order RP-100123 for Item A. If we rerun "Calculate Regenerative Plan", planning worksheets will say cancel RP-100123 and create a new Prod Order for Item A.

    Let me know if you need more info. Thank you.

  • hi,

    i tried your case & scenario on NAV 2009 R2 (Italian localization) and systems work correctly; no messages.

    Can you try and replicate yopur scenario on NAV 2009 R2 W1 ?

    let me know.


    Roberto Stefanetti