NAV2013R2 and ZetaDocs Express - 2 databases and 1 server

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Good afternoon all :)

I am currently working on a project for a client who is intending to use NAV2013R2 and the latest version of ZetaDocs Express.

The intention is to run all from a single server, this include a TEST NAV database, and a PRODUCTION NAV database.

My question pertains to whether it is possible with ZetaDocs Express to have the 2 different databases pointing to different network folders for ZetaDocs archiving of documents?  And if possible can I have the 2 network folders on the same server?



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  • Hello James,

    You can use the Zetadocs Archive service on a single server for both live and test NAV db, however all archived documents from test and live db will be saved to the same network folder (which must be called "Zetadocs Archive"). Alternatively, you can install the Zetadocs Archive on a different server so that you have two separate network folders for test & live NAV db. 

    We will be releasing a software update in the next couple of months that will allow documents to be archived from multiple NAV companies/databases to the "Zetadocs Archive" folder, and these documents will then be stored logically within this top level network folder.

    Kind regards,

    David Cole

    Technical Support Engineer