Dynamics NAV in Brazil

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Is possible purcharse Dynamics NAV for Brazil?

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  • Fernando,

    Microsoft does not have a localization for Brazil, however, there is a partner in Brazil that sells a localization once you have already purchased NAV. So you would work with an exsting partner to purchase NAV, and once that is done, either through that partner work with the Brazil partner or directly working with the partner in Brazil you could get the localization for Brazil which is then also supported by the partner in Brazil. Here is the information for that partner for the Brazil localization:

    Cadia Consulting Do Brasil Ltda.

    The email address for support is scmbs@cadia-consulting.com.br

    The telephone number is: 55 11 5506.2712

    You may also wish to contact Gisele Blasques at Cadia directly (gb@cadia-consulting.com.br) for information.

    Thank you.


  • I send an e-mail to both address, but fails returns the email  address not exits RecipNotFound

    Could you help me?


  • Sorry that addresses did not work. Here is the website for them:


    Here is different contact information:

    Cadia Consulting do Brasil

    Av. Eng Luis Carlos Berrini, 1091 2nd floor, Brooklin, São Paulo

    Phone: +55 11 2191 0173


    Sergio Fernandes sf@cadia-consulting.com.br

    Rodrigo Matiazo rm@cadia-consulting.com.br

    Let me know if this doesn't work out for you. Thank you.


  • Hello Fernando, Sorry we didn't see your request earlier. I'm Project Director at Cadia Consulting. Cadia has been maintaining the localization for NAV for 12 around years, initially in partnership with the Navision company, later as sub-contractor of Microsoft, and since version 2009 this runs under the PLLP - Partner Led Localization Program. We're right now releasing the localization for NAV 2013. The localization covers sales and purchasing with full and automatic calculation and posting of the involved taxes; online electronic invoicing; fiscal reporting including printed and electronic reports (SPED and other) etc.

    Please contact me under rm@cadia-consulting.com.br or +55-11-98193-0823.

    Best regards

    Roberto Metzler