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RTC Client Install problem

We are running Nav2009R1 in a 3-tier environment using classic clients and everything works fine. I installed an rtc on a win7 machine to begin working on rtc and it seemed to install ok, but as soon as I login, I get the message "The program could not create a connection to the server." ...
Forum Thread | on 30 May 2012 by David Space

Adding Custom controls to RTC

Hi, I am new to NAV development. I want to add a control, like a browser control to certain pages. Is there a built in browser control or anything like a "web part" in the Role Tailored client? How about being able to add a flash or Silverlight object? thanks for your help David
Forum Thread | on 11 Nov 2009 by David Gallivan

How to import/export csv files in the RTC

Can anyone explain how to import/export csv files in the RTC? Well, first of all I am just trying with a very simple exsample for exercise. I have created XMLport based on "Post Code" table, and I need I to work both ways(import/export). The XMLport should export/import data as csv file...
Forum Thread | on 2 Jul 2009 by maris

FlowField Drill-down Error - NAV 2009 RTC bug?

I have created a custom document-style Form (Header with Lines) that applies the Header record primary Key Field value as a FlowFilter in the Lines Records. The Lines contain a FlowField that shows amount information, that is the sum of Amount Field in a Ledger Entry Table, filtered as per the FlowFilter...
Forum Thread | on 5 Oct 2009 by Theo Stock

Object Designer in NAV 2009 R2

Hi, We are using NAV 2009 Classic version from which recently updated to 2009 R2. We customized Classic as per our requirement.Nearly 100 objects been modified from standard version. 2009 R2 upgraded now is only with standard objects.My question is 1) How to move customized objects from Nav 2009...
Forum Thread | on 21 Mar 2014 by PrabakaranM

Change the whole background color of RTC Client

Is there a possibility to change the whole color of a RTC client depending on the company that is opened. At the moment we would like to have two different companies open side by side. Every extra window that the rtc client opens does not have a reference anymore to witch company it belongs. ...
Forum Thread | on 20 May 2010 by Christian W.

Travel Expense Processing in Dynamics NAV RTC

We want to be able to process T&E related Expenses in NAV. This would include: Entry of details Pre-approval/Approvals Ability to scan receipts and then have it follow the transaction throughout the process using Document Links Does anybody have any experience with any products...
Forum Thread | on 4 Jun 2010 by Peter Stockemer