Are you looking for new ways to add value to your customers and prospects while showcasing your expertise?  Are the same-old marketing channels getting stale?


You may want to look at Podcasting.


Podcasts are “a series of digital media files (either audio or video) that are released episodically and often downloaded through web syndication.” Episodes can be streamed directly from your site or your RSS feed, but they can also be downloaded through sites like—and even iTunes.


Podcasts provide a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to leverage their subject matter knowledge and expertise to generate increased awareness. Podcasts can be as short as five-minute recordings geared toward prospects, or longer recordings covering a topic more in depth.  


Podcasts are very inexpensive to create; the greatest investment in creating them will be your time. Here are some tips for podcasting:


  • Promote your podcast the same way you would promote anything through social media: advertise new podcasts through your ongoing marketing activities, website, Twitter, etc.
  • Make your podcast fun. Even though your content may be more technical, have someone with an engaging voice host it. Even better, have two people host it so they can play off of each other.
  • iTunes also supports video podcasts. Take advantage of your podcast feed to distribute your videos.


Looking for some examples of how podcasting can be done? Microsoft has a large library of podcasts available for listening.  


To get started, check out this quick list on how to create your own podcast.


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