Eleven percent of B2B email is being marked as spam. While this statistic is not horrific, it does present a challenge to improve your email campaign open rates. After all, email is still the strongest force that influences buyers to make a purchase decision, even more than direct mail, telephone, social media, texting, or apps. If your email campaigns are being blocked from inboxes, you could be losing business.

Let’s explore ways that you can improve your email marketing performance.

  1.  Be Alert – Watch your email readership stats for dips in readership. Sometimes the creative isn’t the issue when you get badresults—the email simply may not have reached the receivers’ inboxes.
  2. Identify the Issue – What caused the low response rate to your email? There are several potential causes. Run a domain distribution report to see which domains are rejecting your emails. Track which emails are being opened, and which ones aren’t. Track bounces. Investigate your domain’s reputation to see if your emails are being filtered.
  3. Fix the Problem – If you found that certain domains are blocking your emails, contact the system administrator to fix the issue. Do the same thing if your reputation is revealed to be bad. As we have stressed before, always test your emails to make sure they aren’t marked as spam.

Of course, it is impossible have 100% of your emails reach the desired recipients. However, a little vigilance and problem-solving can push you a little closer to that goal.   

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