One of the most profitable free publicity generators there is -- and one that is often overlooked -- is the press release. There is much to be said about good “old-fashioned” press releases and how they can still have a big impact a business. Even in this age of new media, today’s press release still help companies get media coverage, and they can also provide tremendous SEO benefits. Let’s look at the 3 “P”s of generating strong press releases:  

  • Plan – Your press release should focus on and pinpoint the most newsworthy element of your announcement and why the news is significant. Keep in mind, audiences can search and find your press releases online so making them clear, interesting, and shareable is also important. You may initially think your business doesn’t have press-worthy news, but consider the following topics:
    • Company milestones (sales targets achieved, implementation success stories – case studies)
    • New hires
    • New clients
    • Market news and trends analysis
    • New products or features
    • Speaking engagements
    • Trade show attendance
  • Produce – Set a goal for how often you want to issue a release. Every month? Every quarter? Now you need to get writing:
    • Focus on the topic in a clear, compelling, focused, and concise manner 
    • Use SEO-friendly keywords in the press release
    • Write out full URL’s to important sites
    • Proof, edit, and proof some more
  • Propagate – Now you need to get your release out! Here are some excellent channels to consider:

*Some press release distribution sites are free, while others you would have to pay for.

Now that your release is out there, be sure to be available in the event that someone from the media contacts you for further information. And, make sure to track the results of releases to see where you are covered and what gets ignored.

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