You may have noticed a change in how your LinkedIn company page has been displaying. That is because, once again, LinkedIn has updated the appearance to be more user-friendly and competitive with image-heavy Facebook company pages.

LinkedIn has said that its goal with the redesign is better dissemination of key content, more brand prominence, and easier navigation for users. Here are six features that you may already be seeing (or will be seeing shortly):

  1. Large image banner in addition to existing logo
  2. Notifications of page activity
  3. Mobile-friendly display
  4. Prominent company status updates
  5. Ability to introduce new products
  6. User recommendations of individual products

Take a look at your company page today to see if you have been given this new functionality yet. If you have, be sure to add a header image (it can be the same one you use for your Facebook page). Track page activity and keep updating that page – because updates are becoming more important than ever!

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