In a previous post “Top 5 Blog Title Optimization Tips”, we talked about the importance of creating strong blog titles. Now let’s take it a step further and discuss how offers or call-to-actions (CTA) can maximize the conversion potential of your blog.

The way to convert readers into action-takers is through having a strong CTA (call-to-action) in each post. The CTA you choose can make or break the conversion potential of any given blog post you publish. CTAs vary as much as post subjects vary, and can take the form of a whitepaper offer, an e-book, a check-list, or even a how-to video. Good CTAs will spur action; bad ones will go ignored and readers will move on from your site.

Here are 4 questions to ask while creating an impactful CTA:

1.       Who will read this blog post? – Use site analytics find out who the majority of your visitors are: new, occasional, regular? Cater to the majority – for example, if most of your readers are prospects or new visitors, you want an provide offers that are informational and educational.

2.       What should you offer? Create an inventory of the potential offers you have available in terms of subject matter or topic. Trim down your list of offers to include only those that are most relevant to the content of your blog posts. Match CTA to the page content, subject and where people are within the sale cycle. CTAs should flow naturally from the content of the post into the offer; that can only happen if they are the same—or very similar—topics.

3.       Why are you making an offer? – What is your goal for the CTA? To make a personal connection with readers via email? To have them sign up for your newsletter? To read a whitepaper?

4.       Where can you improve? – Study the success rates of your CTAs to see which ones produce the best results. Keep using the winning words and types of offers, and ditch the losers.

Your calls-to-action will be best when focusing on the basics of: who your audience is, what your post subject is, why you want a CTA, and where you can improve.

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