2012 has been the year of content marketing at The Partner Marketing Group. Our clients did more customer case studies, blogs, website copy refreshes and content campaigns than ever before. We even ran a content promotion during the summer to help fill this need for our clients.

Good marketing content can be and do so much for a company that it's really no surprise people are investing money into it.  But there is one more investment you should make; and that's TIME. If you aren't able to squeeze much marketing into the last few weeks of 2012, take the time to review the content you do have. Here are a few tips to follow when doing this:

  • Create a spreadsheet that lists out your content. Make sure to add columns such as 'industry', 'sales stage', 'writer ', 'product focuses, and 'creation date'. This type of detail will help make your content searchable when you need content for a specific campaign.
  • Store your content in the right place. Even though your content may be searchable in a spreadsheet, you need to make sure it's accessible to your entire team. Not only that, you need to have the most current versions and those versions should be editable. For example, The Partner Marketing Group uses Microsoft SharePoint to help us manage our own marketing materials.
  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Once you realize what you have, figure out what content can be leveraged for certain campaigns. You'll most likely be very surprised with what you already have in hand.

If you notice a rather large gap in your content after thorough review, please feel free to contact us at The Partner Marketing Group to see how we can help you fill that content gap: http://www.thepartnermarketinggroup.com/contact/.


By Bethany Foyt, Marketing Communications Manager at The Partner Marketing Group