If you've tried to play the matchmaker for your friends, you know it's not an easy job. After examining each of your friend's characteristics, you spend even more time analyzing if those characteristics will go well together. Note: Just because both are single DOESN'T mean you've found a perfect match! After much analysis, you finally test it out in a group setting so that no one is threatened. At that point you can sit back and watch the sparks fly or fizzle.

I will dare to say not many of you are professional matchmakers, but many more of you are professional marketers, so I swear this blog has a point! Keep reading...

Finding the perfect match-up in marketing isn't that much different. Marketing isn't one silver bullet activity. Marketing is a mix and always has been. Before you dive into trying everything at once, you should allocate time to analysis. Ask yourself these two important questions when contemplating whether a marketing mix is right for your business...

  • Are they effective communicators? Just like any relationship, communication is key to success. If your target audience isn't on the other end receiving your marketing messages, then your hard work goes to waste. Make sure the marketing mix you choose reaches your audience quickly and effectively. A good example of effective communicators is blogs and social media. You can target your blogs with keywords and then share that content through various social sites.
  • Do sparks fly or fizzle? There's no way of getting around it, in marketing there is a lot of testing and should be. You may be able to find the perfect marketing match right away, but it may not work for you 6 months down the road. No matter what marketing mix you test out, make sure you have good tracking to analyze its effectiveness.

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By Bethany Foyt, Marketing Communications Manager at The Partner Marketing Group