In releases before Microsoft Dynamics RMS 2.0 Feature Pack 2 (FP2), foreign supplier currencies were not displayed correctly in the Headquarters PO Planner worksheet, Purchase Order Details form, or printed purchase orders. Instead, the currency symbol for the default Windows Currency would be displayed.

Starting with FP2, the PO Planner, Purchase Order Details form, and printed purchase orders now display the correct symbols for supplier with foreign currencies.

To verify that the new functionality added as part of FP2 is working correctly, you can follow these reproduction steps:

  1. Create a currency (Database | Currencies) that uses a symbol ($, ¥, £, €, etc) other than what is configured in Windows in your Region and Language Settings.
  2. Assign this currency to a supplier as its "Accepted Currency".
  3. Create a "Style 340: PO Planner" worksheet to create a purchase order with items from the supplier (from step 2) with a foreign currency assigned as is "Accepted Currency".
  4. Note that the currency is correct in the PO Planner worksheet, Purchase Order Details form, and the printed purchase order.



Have a great week!

Gregg Kosel
Microsoft Dynamics RMS/POS Technical Support Escalation Engineer