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Hello Everyone,


     This is the first time I have posted anything here so I really hope someone can help me.  Right now i am trying to build a custom report within "Crystal Reports for Blackbaud" that will pull all the customer names that have bought a specific item or a list of items (Stock Item Number).  I don' know SQL very well or else I would be using the Microsoft Retail Management Administrator Query console.  Is anyone well-versed enough in this program to help me build this query?  You can get back to me either by posting a reply on this thread or e-mailing me personally at

     I truly hope someone can help me with this as it is a very important report that I must get completed rather quickly.  I just wish I knew the system and database better then I currently do.


Thanks in advance,


John Reeves

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  • Try the following and please let me know your concerns

    select firstname,lastname,accountnumber

    from customer inner join [transaction] on

    inner join transactionentry on [transaction].transactionnumber=transactionentry.transactionnumber

    and [transaction].storeid=transactionentry.storeid

    inner join item on

    where itemlookupcode in ('ggg','fff','ddd')