How do I (Can I) delete a group of items?

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Hi there!
I am really not familiar with this program but am trying to optimize it for our store.   I am trying to delete items from our inventory/item list that haven't been sold in over a year.  Is this possible?  The version of Store Operations Manager we have is 2.0.0123 which I am guessing is really old.  I can pull a report of items that haven't been sold for over a year but can't seem to figure out how to delete them or if it's possible.  

I read something about making items inactive- will this prevent them from showing up in the item list?  How to I pull a group of items to be made inactive?


Sorry for my lack of knowledge!  I hope someone can help!


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  • You should not delete any items that have had any transaction history (sales, PO's, etc.) or you will create gaps in multiple tables including customer purchase histories. Instead you should mark old items inactive. This will prevent them from displaying in normal searches and reports.

    How to mark items inactive in bulk --

    Option 1 (the hard way): Manager, Wizards, Inventory Wizard, Task 210: Make items inactive, select filter value(s), generate the worksheet, remove any items you don't want affected, Commit changes.

    Option 2 (the easy way): Download

    Installer password: dt063010

    Run DRS Tools, connect to your RMS database, select Maintenance, Mark Inactive, press F5 to view current candidates (items with no activity in over one year, or change cut-off date in upper right and press F5), Mark all or selected, enable Remove matrix class orphans, click Save. Wait for the screen to clear then Exit. Repeat every month or so to keep your database clean.

    If there are valid deletion candidates on file (none in stock, no activity on file), you can delete them safely by selecting Maintenance, Deletions and following similar steps.

  • Thanks JD!  Will these inactive items still show on the items list?

  • You can use the Inventory Wizard to make the items inactive.  Making them inactive is typically better than deleting them because you still have the reference to them, but you can exclude them from any reporting, and it will solve your stated problem of having them show up at the store level.  Stores do not see inactive items.  Also, if at any point in time you need to reactivate them, you can.

    In order to use the Inventory Wizard, you have to be in Maintenance Mode.

    A dialog box will appear.  Scroll down through the list till you see "Task 210: Make Items Inactive"

    Then you can add items to be made inactive by department, category, etc. including "Add Items Manually," which may be the best answer for you.  It's actually easier than it sounds.

  • Hey J.D. I have downloaded and installed DRSTools and connected to the database and clicked on Mark Inactive>F5 and it doesnt bring up the window you discussed earlier post. Do you have any suggestions to help me evaluate this software. Thanks