Adding to transaction with zero stock - POS2009

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I can see how to add an item to a transaction but if there's zero stock, I have to confirm whether to put it on back order or sell anyway etc.

Ii always want to just sell anyway - I can I force this behaviour programmatically?

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  • In SO Manager go to File --> Configuration --> Options --> Item Options. Uncheck "Display out of stock".

    Restart POS.

    Hope this helps, TimB

  • In POS 2009 this option can by found by going to Settings -> Store Settings -> Options -> POS -> Workflow...  In the POS Workflow Options form, ensure the Display out-of-stock message for items with insufficient quantities option is unchecked.  You may also want to disable Back Orders inside of the Options form by clicking on the Orders tab and unchecking the Enable back orders box.  With this option on you will still be prompted.

    I hope this helps.

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  • My bad, I didn't notice this was about POS not RMS!

  • I probably didn't make it too clear but I'm adding the items in code (through a c# program). The suggestions helped but the behaviour is still troublesome!

    I can add the item successfully and even change it's price - but if I try and alter the quantity the program hangs. I pause the debugging and examine and see a message like 'cannot evaluate expression as a native frame is on top of the call stack' - it's like POS2009 is trying to display a window I can't see (possibly the out of stock messages again).

    Any more suggestions?

  • I've installed Service Pack 1 and now the 'hidden screen' problem has gone away - it displays the out of stock screen.

    There's obviously a bug here - I've put a large quantity into stock so there can't be a problem and it still brings up the screen every time I change the quantity in code!

    Any help would be appreciated :)