Customizations have “versions”.   The newest version is 6.  

If you upgrade to 2011 FP1, then export customizations that haven’t been updated to version 6 yet, you won’t be able to re-import the CST you just created.   You will get an event log like this:


System Message 5016: Operation aborted, data is not formatted correctly.   Data

                     row contents: Source: 0.

To get around this:

(As always, have a good backup of your environment before making any changes)

1 – export the customization, but don’t check the “export VBA as source” checkbox

2 – edit the file and remove the “Source: 0” line(s)

Then you can re-import




export out of the pre-FP1 system




Force SL to upgrade it to version 6 first:

1 – run the following in SQL:

update CustomVBA set Version=Version+1000 where Version<1000

2 – open each customize screen and close

*at this point, the version should update to 6

3 – now export the customization