There is a very specific method to add custom Quick Query views to the menu.  If you add these through Menu Maintenance and reaize they are not indented on the menu as the rest of the quick queries are, you may want to try the following steps:


1.  Remove the custom Quick Queries that you've previously added

2.  In Menu Maintenance, bring up the menu group you are trying to add these Quick Queries for

3.  Select the “screens” tab on the left.

4.  Hit the drop down for “show menus for” and choose “all”

5.  Locate your Quick Query in this list.  It’s a long list but it should be in alphabetical order.

6.  Drag and drop your screen over the top of the node that you would like it to appear under.  So for instance, if you’re trying to add a quick query called “revenue schedules” under “flexible billings”, you would locate “revenue schedules” from the screens list on the left and drag and drop it over top of the word “flexible billings”.

This is the proper way to add a Quick Query to the menu.  You should then see your menu regenerate on the next login and it should appear and function properly.