January 2013 Round 2 Payroll Tax Table Updates for Microsoft Dynamics SL


You can download and import the modified tax tables or manually update your tax tables and deductions using the instructions included in each section listed under “Revisions Covered in this Document.” Also note the effective dates included in this section.

Besides the revisions covered in this document, the tax updates file includes all other current state and federal tables. Depending on your release of Microsoft Dynamics SL, you may be prompted to select the tables you want to import. You can import federal and state tables individually, depending on your specific needs.

Deductions must be attached to a work location and earnings type to calculate.

Revisions Covered in this Document:

  • Missouri - Effective January 1, 2013

Important Notices

  • The tax updates file, starting with the January 2013 tax updates, includes the Deduction Types
    (02.710.00) and the Payroll Tables (02.720.00) reports, generated from the Microsoft Dynamics
    SL demo database after the tax updates have been imported. Compare the 02710.pdf and
    02720.pdf report files to your Deduction Types (02.710.00) and Payroll Tables (02.720.00)
    reports to ensure your deductions and payroll tax tables are setup properly.
  • It is not always possible to precisely duplicate a state tax formula. Therefore, calculated tax
    results should be regarded as estimates only. We strongly recommend that you review all

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