System Error 5003 (4060)

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I'm receiving System Error 5003 (4060) when I try to select the database for Dynamics SL 2011. The error pops up after I select the database name. I know that the database name and location are correct, and other users are able to access the system, it's only my computer that cannot.

I followed the instructions in this post to enable Named Pipes and TCP/IP. If I set the alias as instructed the program becomes unable to even find the list of databases, so I removed the alias but kept the protocols enabled. I am able to ping the server. Manually registering capicom.dll does fix the problem. I have allowed Dynamics SL through my local Windows Firewall.

I have no idea what to try. Anyone have any thoughts?

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  • Is this something that just started happening or is this a new workstation install?

    Butch Adams

  • This is a new workstation install. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling as well which did not fix the issue.

  • I notice from the picture you attached that you have a database named instance., which means it is not on port 1433. You don't have some sort of firewall policy blocking the port the instance is using do you?

    Butch Adams

  • I used portqry to check port 1433 between my computer and the server, and it returned that there is an "ms-sql-s service" on port 1433 but that it is NOT LISTENING.

    PortQry information:

  • Unless your dynamics\dynamicspro instance of SQL Server was set to port 1433, it wouldn't be listening there. The ports for the instances are randomly generated at setup time. Only the default instances are set to 1433.

    Can you disable any firewalls or internet protection that workstation might have and see if you can connect?

    Butch Adams

  • I disabled Windows Firewall on the workstation computer and tried again; the problem persisted.

  • Has this machine ever had .Net Framework 3.5 turned on in Programs and Features? (I'm assuming Win 7 or 8 here) I believe SL requires .Net 3.5 SP1 to be installed. So maybe check that it's activated and then Windows Updates run on it.

    Butch Adams

  • Yes, .NET 3.5.1 is fully installed on the computer and no Windows updates are available.

  • You've just about stumped the panel then ... Have you tried doing the install by doing a "Run as Administrator"? I have also corrected installation problems by just running SL the first time as administrator. If you haven't done that it would be worth a shot.

    Butch Adams

  • Just tried that, it didn't fix the error, unfortunately.

    Thank you for all of your help, I really appreciate it!

  • Running as an administrator did nothing yesterday, but today it opened to the program, albeit a very messed up version. Does this give you any ideas? (Also, is it a problem that I'm running IE 10?)

  • IE 10 should be fine.

    try going to C:\Users\<Userid>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Dynamics SL\MenuCache and blowing the xml files away in there. See if the menu cache is the problem now.

    Butch Adams

  • I do have hidden files shown in Explorer, but C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Dynamics SL is as deep as the folders go -- that folder is completely empty.

  • The "weird" display is related to your Windows locale.

    If it is not English US, you need to rename the the file called ToolbarEnu.dll to an appropriate name for your locale. For English UK, cal it ToolbarEng.dll

    There is a PartnerSource article with the complete list that I'll try and find for you.

    Learner, Learner!

  • I'm jumping on this thread as I have the exact same issue on a new install.  Windows 7 and new install for SL 2011 FP1.  I just want to monitor this thread to see if anything gets resolved. Thanks!