Adding permissions to release invoices 08.010.00

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Hey Everyone,

You were all so much help with my first question that I naturally thought of you when my second question came up! I need to add permission for a user to release and possibly modify invoices. I gave them View, Update, and insert on 08.010.00 but it's still saying that they need more permissions... Any idea what screen that relies on that I'm missing?

Thanks everyone!

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  • To release the invoices you have to give him permissions on 08.400.00 screen too.

  • I saw that screen and I thought that might be the trick but I hate to just start adding permissions for people! I made the change now I'm just waiting to hear back if it worked. Thanks for your help Juan!

  • Hi Japrium,

    To release, you also need permissions to the 08.400.00 screen or the xx.400.00 screen in a module.