ask - how complex for migration from SL 6 to SL 2011

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Hi there,

need advice/opinion. since XP will no longer supported by microsoft, We plan to upgrade all computers to windows 7.

Because SL 6 not support win 7, so do we need to upgrade SL to 2011.

I'm seeking for any possible error will occur/experience while upgrading or after upgrading. And I need collect as much as information for what I need to prepare, what I need to do, what will happen with my current database (still use SQL 2000,pretty old yeah, haha), and what will happen with all customization.

I know on SL 2011, there is feature in database maintenance which can "Convert" from 6 to 2011. but somehow, I can't trust 100% that will work 100% without any changes/errors.

please kindly give advice, suggest, or help.

thank you.

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  • This will be a fairly complex move to undertake.

    First of all, SL 2011 not only requires Windows 7 workstations but it also requires Windows Server 2008 or later and SQL Server 2008 or later.  until you have that environment, do not even attempt to go there.

    Second, while SL 2011 left the screens quite similar to what you have in SL 6, the menu system is totally different so, if you have any menu modifications, you will have to learn how to do those over again in the new menu system.

    The database migration process will bring your database up from the SL 6 level to the SL 2011 level and will do that reliably.

    Your customizations may come across OK but I strongly suggest you export all of them into CST files just to be save.  SL 2011 is written in VB.NET and there are some syntax issue going from VB6 to VB.NET so, if your customizations include code segment changes then there could be an issue.

    Of course, you will have to install the SL 2011 client on each of the workstations and you will have to decide on whether to use SQL authentication or Windows authentication with SL 2011.  Microsoft encourages Windows authentication but that means setting up the appropriate users within SQL 2008 in order to use that method of authentication.

    Finally, if you use FRx you can continue to use it over Management Reporter but you will need to have the latest FRx service pack installed.

    This is a pretty big jump to take and expect some learning curve challenges as you proceed but the fact that you have not kept up (version 6.5, and version 7.0), you should expect some of this and should plan on the process taking the better part of a day.