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Good day, we have a client who is changing their port number for Sharepoint (with the help of their Sharepoing consultants). We have Business Portal running on a separate port on the Sharepoint site, and I am not 100% sure what the effect is going to be on the installation . Are there config files etc. that will need to be updated after the Sharepoint change so that Business Portal continues to work as normal?



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  • Hi Coe-Ane,

    Typically we would recommend an uninstall and reinstall, but you could try the steps below:

    A way to change the BP port number would be to take the following steps:

    1. In the IIS Manager, right-click on the Default Web Site and Stop it. This will need to be done to ensure the web server doesn’t get confused and try to direct users to that web site.

    2. Next, right-click on the web site Business Portal has been installed to and go to Properties. On the Web Site tab, change the TCP port number to 80 or whatever port they are changing it to.

    3. Next, browse to the bin directory that contains the Business Portal site’s configuration files. It’s address is typically something like C:\Inetpub\WSS\Virtual Directory\81

    4. In the bin directory, make a copy of the BusinessFramework.config file and then open/edit the original file. Scroll to the middle of the code and you should see the port values being passed for your current port settings. Change the occurrences of the port number listed.

    Once these steps have been taken, do an iisreset and you should now be able to launch BP using the new port number.  


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  • Good morning !

    What version of BP are you working?

    Basically what I understand is that they are changing only the virtual application port ? Or the business portal site is different from your default sharepoint site ?

  • Thank you for all the feedback. The client is running SL 2011 SP 1.  I have a bit more information available - here is what they are planning to do.

    SharePoint is installed on port number 8031

    Business portal is installed on port number 9038

    They want to keep the sharepoint port 8031  environment for development purposes, but want to move the production sharepoint site to port number 80 (on the same server) for the production environment.  Business portal will remain on the same portal.

    as far as possible we would prefer not to uninstall and reinstall business portal .

    Any help will be appreciated!



  • Coe-Ane,

    I'm still not sure I completely follow.... so do you have two sharepoint sites on this server, one for BP running on port 9038 and another sharepoint site for non-BP stuff on port 8031?   And you just intend on switching the non-BP site from 8031 to 80?   If so, I wouldn't expect it to have any effect on BP.

    Or are you saying you have a single sharepoint web app/site collection running on port 8031, but you have an additional port 9038 mapped to that same sharepoint site for BP?

    Either way, as long as BP remains accessible through port 9038 I wouldn't expect anything in BP to be effected.



    Technical Support Engineer

    **This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.

    Technical Support Engineer

    **This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.

  • hi Mark

    thanks for you assistance. That is correct, BP will remain on the port and server where it is currently installed. I will ask Andre to include more information if needed.


  • Hello Mark

    OK this is what is going to happen. The client have sharepoint installed on port 8031.There whole sharepoint environment is running on this port.  Business Portal is also installed onto this sharepoint site. They want to create a new site with port number 80 and move everything to port 80. The reason for this is, they do not have a development environment and so the live will be running on Port 80 and the development will stay on port 8031. This will all be on the same server.

    I am not sure do we have to change something in a config file maybe for BP to see the new sharepoint port number 80 or what do we have to do? We are going to make a full farm backup of everything on port 8031 which include the sharepoint and Business portal. Is there something that we need to backup and change in SQL as well, like content databases and/or config databases?