Custom Fields do not display

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We added a number of custom fields to an existing custom table linked to pjsubdet , using customization manager, with no issues.

We now expanded the custom table by adding another three fields and made the fields available on the screen.

Data can be entered and saved to the DB (verified in sql) but when the screen is reopened the new data display as NULL or blank.


When the screen is saved, closed and opened again, the values in the DB change to NULL or blank.

The screen works 100% for the rest of the data

Any sugegestions on how to resolve will be appreciated.

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  • Hi

    First, make all current NULL values disappear in those 3 new columns:


    UPDATE [Table] SET [Column]=0 WHERE [Column] IS NULL


    --If Integer/float columns assign 0

    --If String assign ''

    Then, update the table definition to restrict NULLs:


    Hope this Helps


    Santhosh D

  • Thank you for the response Santhosh,

    I incorrectly said NULL - I meant zeros (0.00)

  • Its ok :)


    Santhosh D

  • You could trying deleting the swimapi.kpr and swimapi ex files on the same folder menu cache is (with sl closed)

    C:\users\application data\roaming\dynamics sl

    This files will be regenerated the next time you open a customized screen

  • Hi Alejandro,

    we will try that, thanks

  • Hi

    You could check those three fields offset value and data length.


    Santhosh D

  • Coen,

    Are you using a stored procedure to fetch the values from your custom table?   After adding the fields to your table, did you drop and recreate the stored procedure?   If not, maybe the stored procedure isn't fetching the new columns which is why it's showing up as blanks.  

    Technical Support Engineer

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  • Hi Mark and all who responded.

    Thank you for the inpout.

    We redid the customization with one field less in the custom table and it works now.

    We still want to redo it again adding the field again to see if that causes the problem or whether it was just a "problem" customization.

    Will report back when we get around to do it.