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I am trying to overwrite a blank value over a field that already has a value defined, through transaction import in the vendor maintenance screen. But the blank value does not overwrite at all although I have a blank listed on my csv file. I have tried with a plain Level0 and also Level0,Change

For example, let's assume we have 'PO Box 1234' in the address2 field for Vendor A. I want address2 to be updated with a blank through transaction import.

I am on SL 7.0 FP1

Any assistance is appreciated!


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  • Have you tried making the value " " in the CSV file?

    Butch Adams

  • By " " I mean actually putting the characters Quote space Quote between the commas

    Butch Adams

  • Hi Butch,

    Thanks for your response! I tried this and it shows up as " "

  • Lol ... Do you mean address2 has " " in the field?

    Maybe just put a space between the commas then.

    Butch Adams

  • Hello,

    No need to add the “” or Space character in the Csv file (comma separated file). You can just leave it as blank by putting commas for optional field.  

    Below is the csv file format which I have created Csv file for vendor maintenance screen of Dynamics SL 7.


    Perumalsamy R

  • Hi Perumalsamy,

    It was set to blank in the beginning but it will not overwrite the existing value.

  • Hello Alva,

    I believe you are changing the values of existing vendor.Does this make sense?

    If you are changing existing value, you have to include the Key identifier with Level.

    For example,

    I have included the key identifier as "Change" with level "Vendor" to modify the existing values.

    Refer the below picture to create the csv file for changing the existing values.

    If you want address2 to be updated with a blank, you have to use the Quote space Quote ( “  “ ) as Butch Adams said earlier.

    Refer below picture address1 & address2 fields highlighted in red color.

    I have tried this in My Local machine and It seems working in my environment.

    Thanks Butch Adams.

    Hope this will solve your problem.


    Perumalsamy R

  • Hi Perumal,

    Yes, it works. Thanks!

    The issue is with how the data is saved to a csv format from a xls format or a xlsx format when a blank value is input. So, a blank in xls shows up as a blank in csv. If a " " is used in excel, it adds an extra "" when saved in csv, so it will look like "" "", so that's why it showed a " " in Vendor Maintenance when I did the import.

    I had to physically go in and modify those fields in notepad to a " " to get this to work.

  • Hello Alva,

    Kindly check the Suggested answer if it works. This will help me to earn more badges in Microsoft Dynamics Community.


    Perumalsamy R

  • You could also modify your ctrl file to set it to blank since you are using TI (Transaction Import).  This way you would not have to modify the CSV file on future imports.