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jnewbie asked a question on 4 Apr 2014 10:24 AM

This problem is very intermittent

our accounting group cannot duplicate the problem yet

it happens maybe twice a day , maybe none

but I found a few common denominator when the freeze happens.

1. There is blocking when I look in SQL activity monitor

2. The head blocker is sessionID (for example id:223) the status of id 223 is blank (it is not running , nor suspended). the last transact SQL command batch is "select @@Identity"

3. when the freeze happen, other people may also experience lock ups in various screen

4. so far it has always been the case of 0301000.exe that's locking up

to get the group running again I just kill session id: 223

then everyone is happy again

and the person who click save in 0301000.exe will load the voucher and try to save again and it will work ... until the next freeze happens again

that is all I know so far. any advise on how to narrow it down further?

I am just recently involved in this problem cold turkey, so I only have seen 5 cases in two days. Two freeze happens on wednesday, then three times it happens yesterday

I think because I only seen 5 cases of this freezing problem.

I would not be surprise if the lock ups  happens at different screen

I am not even sure the person that first reported the lock ups is causing the head blocker. it may even be something else that triggers it. I just don't know how to trace it.

Thank you

pearl responded on 11 Apr 2014 4:22 PM

Hi there,

Have you been able to resolve it? We have the same issue, started happening on about the same day. Any luck?

Thank you.

Mark Asmus responded on 2 Sep 2014 8:53 AM


It's been a while since this was posted.   I was just wondering if anyone is still seeing this.  If so, can you let us know what version of SL you are using and what (if anything) you are doing to get around it.  This will help in determining what may be going on.

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