With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, we are aiming to drastically reduce time-to-value compared to traditional Customer 360 projects and custom development approaches that require heavy investment in terms of time and resources. Customers and partners joined us in our new initiative, Customer Insights in-a-day workshop, the first of a monthly series that we plan on running in different regions around the world. We collaborated closely with the Microsoft UK team and just wrapped up events in Reading (March 26th) and London (March 27th). We are ecstatic with the overwhelming interest, demand and constructive feedback that we have received directly from our customers and partners. Overall, we had more than 50 attendees representing organizations from a wide array of industries, who spent time with us to learn about Customer Insights and how easy it is to unify customer data and unlock insights.

We are most proud of the fact that attendees felt that the product is easy to use and helping to address burning business issues. In fact, we felt that the class was way ahead of the teacher – definitely, a good problem to have! It was an interactive workshop allowing customers and partners to get hands-on experience. As the instructors were explaining the data ingestion process, we observed that attendees were experimenting with segmentation in real-time. A key highlight was seeing live examples of Microsoft PowerApps and how these applications surfaced data that was stored in Customer Insights. Every attendee was able to see how they could gain a comprehensive and 360 degree view of their customers with the test data that was provided by our team; all the way from data ingestion, to data unification and calculation of measures, to segmentation and visualization of the customer journey.

Last but not least, this event allowed for great discussions around typical challenges that businesses face when aiming to achieve a 360 view of their customers. There was no doubt that unifying customer data and gaining insights is a hard problem. But what stood out as a bigger challenge is to “act upon” those insights. Some attendees said they didn’t really know what to expect before they came but were leaving with many ideas what they could implement using Customer Insights.


After this great start in the UK, we will continue to host these workshops in Germany and United States in the month of May. The product team behind Customer Insights is very excited with this opportunity to connect with customers and partners in a close setting and we look forward to seeing you there.