Hello, dear Customer Insights community!!!

I hope everybody and your families are safe!

In my presales efforts, I have been asked by prospects (mainly Marketing users, not IT guys) about some "business connectors", like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, to mention a few. According to some Microsoft marketing material, this is possible, in fact, there is a nice LinkedIn icon in a list of external data sources.

So, maybe this is a basic question, but how can I connect and demo these scenarios?

A second question is related to Website Logs. Suppose the customer provides a Log file with cookies information (and hopefully, some customer info, like the name)... What is the correct way to add this data to CI? what kind of connector? Also, may we connect with other providers like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Mail Chimp? I imagine that the strategy should be to use Power Automate, but I prefer to ask for your suggestions and previous experience.

Thanks a lot! Hugo.