Our next step in the evolution of Market Insights is taken: we launched a preview of a new application experience to access insights and news of your topic of interest anytime. 

With Market Insights Preview you can unlock better decision making for business professionals by removing barriers of blind spots created by the overload or inaccessibility of market information. Market Insights Preview enables business users to gather actionable insights based on what consumers say, seek, and feel about their brands and products.  

New in September 2019

  • You now have a scrollable feed that includes relevant news and insights about the topics in your business universe. 
  • You will see new insights such as product attributes and search trends in addition to trending terms and news.
  • You can adjust the focus of your insights by adding or editing elements in your business universe.
  • You will receive a single email notification that compiles news and insights for all your topics, rather than separate emails for each topic.
  • You can manage email notifications and their frequency in the app settings. 

Two next steps to help you get started

  • Bookmark the new URL of the application: mi.dynamics.com
  • If you used the proactive daily or weekly email alerts of Market Insights Preview, you can now manage the setup of email alerts in the new app experience, too. 

The new app will include a broader set of features and insights in near future. Learn more about Market Insights Preview and read about the capabilities in the technical documentation

Release plan change

Due to evolving application strategy based on customer feedback, we have made changes to the 2019 release wave 2 plan. Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview will continue to be available in public preview in US even after October 2019. Please stay tuned for more information that will be shared as part of April 2020 roadmap in future.