In October 2018, we launched the public preview of AI for Market Insights. Targeted at market insights professionals, this product is designed to provide insights on what consumers say, seek and feel about brands and products.


In addition to social data sets, we have introduced a unique and diversified source of data to enrich your understanding of consumer behavior. Insights professionals can now get trend insights from Bing search engine to validate the trends seen in social media. They can also understand the age & gender to help improve audience demographics understanding.


Bing search trends in the Volume widget indicates the consumer search volume for the keywords in the search topic in a scale of 0 (no volume) to 100 (peak volume). This can be used for measuring marketing effectiveness, predicting sales and measuring competitive awareness.  Age widget provides a breakdown of age groups that represent consumers who have searched Bing for the keywords in the search topic. The age groups are represented as 0-17, 18-34, 35-54, 55+. Similarly Gender widget shows the gender of consumers who have searched Bing for the keywords in the search topic. This can be used for optimizing marketing spends by targeting the right target audience. 



With Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights, your business can:

  • Easily identify emerging trends in the market and where to direct efforts through Bing search insights, customizable alerts, and notifications.
  • Effortlessly assess social interest and sentiment for your brands and competitors using adaptive, machine learned sentiment and intent analysis features.
  • Proactively engage with top influencers in your industry to enhance your brand reputation through social insights.
  • Analyze consumer insights on products, issues, and campaigns with intention analysis.
  • Know the right audience and their interests in your product with predictive demographic insights from Bing keyword searches.
  • Quickly set up search topics of your interest and also gain historical insights with just a few clicks

These are the first of several capabilities lined up to be introduced in the product. We encourage you to visit the  Dynamics 365 AI for Market Insights web page for your country to try the public preview to gain deeper insights into your market. Technical details for those interested in learning more are available on our help documentation.