Relationship Assistant provides insights on key events that occur in Dynamics 365 and on your Office 365 Outlook account.  These key events may represent “upcoming close date of an opportunity” or “lead detected” based off your email conversation. Allowing the salespersons to be on top of things and take corrective action when and where required.

With the April 2019 release of Sales Insights, we are introducing  an easier way to bring in your own insights into the Relationship Assistant. We now provide organizations with a simple but powerful experience to generate insights using Microsoft Flow. The benefit of this approach is that you do not have to write a single line of code to integrate your existing data and insights with Dynamics 365.

The basic workflow is summarized in this visual with the following three steps.


  1. As an admin of your organization open the assistant within the Sales insights settings. Here you can customize many settings for the insights or cards shown to your users in the Relationship assistant.
  2. In the assistant settings click on create a card with Microsoft Flow. Either start off with a template, like "due date soon" or create your own workflow.  Templates give you an idea of what you can do and let's you easily customize it to meet your needs. Flow let's you connect to many services, so the possibilities to create a new card is endless.
  3. Once the Flow runs and creates Relationship Assistant cards, they will show up in your Assistant configuration experience and give you more abilities to select audience based on security roles and set priorities. 

This quick video demonstrates, how to create your own relationship assistant insight cards.

Here are some more resources that will help you get started

1. Getting started with Microsoft Flow

2. More about the Relationship Assistant feature

3. Documentation for the Assistant configuration experience released in public preview in April 2019

The assistant configuration experience is part of Sales Insights