This fall we introduced Dynamics 365 AI for Sales that encompasses multiple features that deliver a variety of scenarios. Features such as Predictive lead scoring, Predictive opportunity scoring, Who knows whom, Notes analysis, and Talking points are available for you to use today1


Have you ever find yourself lost for some informal talk when meeting a customer? Talking points addresses this scenario by recall interesting facts for any contact that you have interacted with. We do this by running our natural language processing (NLP) models on your email communications2 with your contacts. We look for information related to family, entertainment, health, or sports that may have come up in your recent communications and display them up for you.  

The Talking points control shows up on the right top corner of your contact form. The control allows you to view the talking points by category or you can switch to a list view to see all of them together. You can navigate to the relevant email by simply clicking on the text. 


We know our users use the timeline wall to take quick notes as they work on various things. Many of these notes are indicative of tasks that need to get done which generally means that you want to convert some of these into relevant Dynamics 365 entities. Notes analysis quickly annotates any notes or posts on the timeline wall and quickly runs our intent models to see if we could auto suggest some quick actions to you. 

Once enabled, Notes analysis is available across all your sales entities on the timeline wall. 

In the above image, you can see that the sales person has taken a quick post-meeting note that refers to a follow up meeting and Notes analysis quickly detects and annotates the text.  When you click on the text, you can see the New appointment suggestion that allows you to quickly create an appointment. 

You can try these and all our other features using out new Test Drive experience. Go to the Dynamics 365 AI for Sales on Microsoft AppSource and click on the Test Drive button. 

We are really excited about these features and can’t wait to see how you use them in the field. Reach out to your Dynamics 365 administrator to enable them today!

1The new AI for Sales features are currently available only in North America and on the Unified Client Experience.

2We respect your privacy and know how sensitive email communications are. Your Talking Points are available for your eyes only. We do not retain any of this content outside of your mailbox. Moreover, this feature is functional only if your mailbox has been enabled by your Dynamics 365 org admin.