Hello everybody,

I do not know if this is the right place or forum to put my questions but I hope you can help me nevertheless.

Quick information in advance:

I am a german student studying International Management for Business and Information Technology (IMBIT). I am part of the dual study programme, this means that our semester are split into three months of theory in University and three months of practical semester in a company.

In that practical part of the semester I have to write a scientific paper and hand it in at the university.

Currently, I am working in the CRM department of my company (10.000 employees worldwide, building branch).
We are using Dynamics 365 and especially the Sales Module in seven countries now, and are constantly rolling out in more countries. For the future it is planned to implement the Sales Insights (Artificial Intelligence) as well, in order to improve the efficiency of the salesmen/women.

The topic of my scientific paper will be: "AI functionalities in Dynamics 365 and possible implementation in the company" 

The goal is to analyze the benefits, the costs etc. of the implementation. 

As I have limited experience in this topic, I ask the community to help me getting into the topic. Can you recommend any scientific literature? How would you structure such a scientific paper? How can benefits of AI be converted into time and cost savings? What general tips can you give me in order to produce a good scientific paper for my company and my university?

Thank you in advance