In theseuncertaintimes,winning and retainingcustomersrequiresadeeperunderstandingof their brand and interest affinitiestodeliverrelevant, personalized experiences.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is powered by proprietary Microsoft data fromMicrosoft Graph to enable you to understand your customers better,andthen identify segments of similar customers for targeted and personalized experiences.

For example, ifyou'rea home improvement company, knowingwhich brands oftools yourcustomers prefer can help you prioritize the products you offer them.

How Customer Insightsworks

To get started withDynamics 365 Customer Insights, firstconnect to your customer data sources,andthenunify them to create a holistic view of your customers.After you do this, youcanenrichyourdatawithyour customers'brand and interest affinities.

Setuptakes twosteps:

  1. Select brands and interests to enrich your data. IntheDynamics365 Customer Insightsapp, go to Data > Enrichment.On the Discover tab, on the Brands or Interests tile, select theEnrich mydatabutton.Then, eitherselectyourindustry and let the application pick relevantbrands or interestsautomatically, or make your own selection ofup to five brands.
  2. Map the demographic segment fields.Mapthe demographic segment fields forage, gender,and location from your customer profile data.Theenrichmentis effectively a look-alike model based on eachcustomer's demographic segment.The customer profile is enrichedusing that customer'sdemographic segment information to identify the brand or interest affinity for that segment.

After you complete setup, you can immediatelyrun the enrichmentprocess or have it run automatically with your next scheduled refresh.Whenthe enrichmentprocessis complete, usually within a few minutes,you can review the results to see how many customerprofileswereenrichedand by which brands or interests.

a screenshot of an enriched customer card

Viewthe detailed brand and interest affinities information under Data > Entities and on individual customer profiles.

a screenshot of a social media post

With the setup in place,nowyou'reready tousetheaffinities data todeliver targeted and personalized experiences to your customers.

Want to learn more? Seeourdocumentation for details.

You can start using this feature by signing up or signingin toDynamics 365 Customer Insights.

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