Microsoft is releasing a Dynamics 365 AI for Sales application targeted at sales managers next month. The application proactively analyses the data stored in Dynamics 365 to draw together crucial insights for assisting sales managers in the evaluation and improvement of sales performance. This blog post serves a brief introduction to the application.

The home page of the Dynamics 365 AI for Sales application provides updates on sales team performance against quotas, and important sales notifications. The application also includes a machine learning model-based predictive scoring mechanism that considers various factors to score leads based on their likelihood to become an opportunity. Sales managers will instantly be able to assess opportunity pipeline health from a graph on the home page, focus their attention on the most important opportunities, and close deals.

I can already see how a well-implemented Dynamics 365 AI for Sales application will increase sales and improve decision making in many organisations. I intend on covering the application in more depth after its release, but feel free to add your thoughts on the application in the comments below.