This is the outcome of a time pass investigation for this Stack Overflow question.

It's more of a pokemon-go kinda experience - searching for an icon in Dynamics CRM without having a clue. Luckily I was able to find out the deep hidden icon in a special scenario.

We all know that there are two different type of Appointments in Dynamics CRM, namely Appointment & Recurring appointment. The icons are identifiable easily.

But the third variety is interesting but no easy way to find the meaning. So start exploring "Indiana Jones" :)

I was able to sort out this is something to do with the Recurring appointment only as per the underlying icon. After few tries - the clue identified as "End Series" option.

These steps revealed the mystery icon.

  1. Create a new appointment. Make it as a recurring one by setting "Recurrence"
  2. Recurring Appointment screen will open. Save it
  3. You will see "End series" button in command bar. Click & End it with "Complete" option
  4. That's it, you will see this icon (I checked in Advanced find list)
Voila! Job well done.