Its march 21st 2018 and its here, well the summary document of whats new in 9.0.2.  The full document can be downloaded here Its 18.5mb

This is following the post on the 15th march where Microsoft announced that they were releasing the notes soon

Having a quick scan through the document there is some information on what Microsoft have introduced for GDPR, a section on Marketing and Relationship Insights has been renamed to 'Embedded intelligence' and is no longer going to be preview!! :)

it also seems like lost around the unified interface over the refreshed web UI. I get the impression here it is really hitting that point where we soudl be moving from the web ui over to the HUB stuff. Which to be fair doe look really good!

In total the document it 222 pages so there is certainly a lot to read and digest. However it covers the following

  • GDPR
  • Marketing
  • Social
  • Sales
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Customer Service
  • Portal
  • VoC
  • Field Service
  • Project Service
  • Finance and Operations
  • Retail
  • Talent
  • Business Central
  • Power Apps
  • CDS
  • Flow
  • Power BI

Any new organization created on or after April 2, 2018 will be provisioned on the updated version. Any updates from version 8.x to version 9.0 that are scheduled on or after April 2 will automatically get this update, and no change of schedule is needed. For existing orgs running Dynamics 365 (Online) version 9.0.1 or higher, Microsoft will start deploying this update starting April 7 through the normal deployment process.